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Our programs run for 5 weeks (two sessions per week). Sessions are offered based on enrollment and appropriate youth pairings; with a limit of 10 participants per class. Make ups are available as needed. Contact us at info@proformtherapy.com for more information. 

At ProFormance we have had the pleasure of working with athletes of all ages and genders up to the highest level of professional athlete. We understand what it takes to be successful mentally and physically at all levels of fitness performance. We truly enjoy working with our youth athletes in particular; because we recognize that learning early and learning correctly will create a successful athlete and limit injury within a sports experience.

At ProFormance Our Goal is to take our athletes to the highest level of physical performance.

Sports Performance

Training Address: 1880/1882 Johns Drive Glenview, IL 60025
Phone: 847-581-6300
For more information or questions contact us at info@proformtherapy.com

ProFormance Therapy is proud to bring its extensive coordinated medical knowledge of injury prevention and sports training to help make athletes not only successful at their sport but successful for their life ahead. We have created a sports training program utilizing research backed objectives at the highest levels of sports performance and athletic training.

ProFormance Therapy